Che Banca!

We have been working with ArtFin for years and we always rely on their knowledge of the art world and event-organizing capabilities. What I like more is that they do all this “with a smile”, because when organizing an event, the organizers’ serenity and enthusiasm is directly reflected into the well-being of the guest.

Banca Generali

We found out about ArtFin following a lead from our head office in Milan. Impressed by the presentation we immediately contacted Simona, who was very helpful since our very first call. As we had to put up an event in Naples (a city we didn’t know) their cooperation was extremely useful, and they submitted to us a wonderful program with perfect locations. We were fully satisfied, and we will definitely work again with Simona and Valentina, two great professionals. Thank you ArtFin, until next time!


ArtFin allows you to discover Italy’s artistic and cultural secrets with grace and nonchalance.

BNP Paribas / Securities services

Our experience with ArtFin has been extremely positive. What most impressed us all was your know-how and competence, that were finally the key to our choice. You are a clear number 1 for everything involving art as a form of entertainment. Furthermore, your flexibility and your sensitivity in listening, understanding and sometimes anticipating the client’s (our) needs were very reassuring features for those among us who were responsible for making the event happen. Finally, the most revealing test for us was the exceptional feedback we received from our guests. That’s it, the most important value-added we received from working with you was the great impression we made to our clients.


ArtFin is a guarantee of success. Great professionalism, even greater flexibility, and … patience! We had many events with them, always successful. It’s your “ace in the hole” if you wish to access inaccessible locations!

Aps Engineering

The strongest point of the ArtFin team is their broad range of alternative and varied proposals to make an event engaging and memorable. Their professionalism played a key role in the unbelievable success of our business event. They understood our needs, were always helpful and paid a scrupulous attention to every detail of the organization.

Credito Valtellinese

Thanks to their academic training and knowledge of the world of arts and culture, the principals are always prepared and well-informed for all possible sorts of events. Their passion is expressed in all their proposals, always measured upon clients’ needs and expectations, but also characterized by the creativity that is only of those who profoundly know and love their business. Very good feedback.

Procuratoria di San Marco

The centuries-old entity presiding over the protection, maintenance and repairs of the St. Mark’s cathedral basilica in Venice, its bell tower and their pertinences

ArtFin Servizi e Consulenza per l’Arte srl has been working with the Procuratoria of St. Mark in Venice for many years and always demonstrated professionalism, reliability and spirit of collaboration.

A collector

I entrusted ArtFin with the recognition and cataloguing of my art collection, and I could verify their meticulous and intelligent commitment, leading to an optimal result. I recognized the same commitment and care even in other minor tasks for which I asked their assistance.

Simone Ferrari

University Professor

I know ArtFin since more than 15 years ago and I can guarantee that they always aim at excellence and maximum professionalism. They never overlook even minor details, and they can propose unique and exclusive locations and formats, that invariably generate the best feedback from clients.


We had ArtFin (Simona Di Mauro) as a client for business events in the museums we are managing in Rome (Ara Pacis, Musei Capitolini) and it was a real pleasure to work with helpful and professional persons who have a real interest in transmitting the knowledge of the Rome Civic Museums’ artistic and cultural heritage also through this type of events. We hope to have more cooperation opportunities with them in the future.

Ninetta Masi

Authorized Tourist Guide, Naples

I have been working for ArtFin for many years now. Two young entrepreneurs, full of determination and always searching for the best. They try to give a refined cultural angle to all events, and they are successful. Always attentive to the smallest detail, within an elegant and stylish climate. I am sure they will go very far…

Manuela Porcu

Affordable Art Fair, Milan Fair Director

An attention and care for the client which goes even beyond professionalism. The personal commitment from Simona and Valentina makes ArtFin unique. For us, they are not only advisors, but precious partners, who know well the dynamics of both the artistic and the corporate world.

Lorella Baroncelli

Authorized Tourist Guide, Milan

ArtFin is made of expert connoisseurs of the culture, of the artistic and historic heritage, and I was lucky to meet them a few years ago. As I was called to present for them during special events, I could appreciate the high professionalism and attention to even minor details. They choose the best experts for all their clients, always based on competence. They create “tailor-made” events, nothing is left to chance, but everything is studied, measured on client’s needs and transferred to participating guests. We as guides are always glad to work together with professionals who are capable to act as a link between art and conveyance to a wider audience, between know-how and passion, between clients and participants. ArtFin always means certainty of success!

Laura Scoccia

Authorized Tourist Guide, Rome

The professional relationship with ArtFin has lasted for a few years now, and consolidated over time also from the human perspective, of mutual respect and trust. As a tourist guide I worked with them during the visits to the Capital’s most representative and exclusive sites, lending my experience always towards a high-quality result. Our cooperation has given life to memorable events in this territory. A special thanks to all of ArtFin’s staff, for their professionalism, excellence and passion.


Bergamo Tourist Guide Association

Our association, composed of authorized tourist guides, has been involved in many events organized by ArtFin. We can confirm that the attention to clients’ requirements always has the highest importance for them, both in the organization and implementation phases. While offering guided tours of our beautiful town, Bergamo, we had the chance to accompany ArtFin’s clients along special and exclusive paths, and it was our pleasure to show them hidden beauties, old frescoes and important art collections. Passion for the arts and fine- dining experience are often combined in the course of special events. Participants’ appreciation has always been very high. We hope to continue this cooperation, contributing to the offerings from this company, whose competence and relentless commitment we know well.